About us

What is ToS story?
It all started over a phone call. This was one of those virtual calls during COVID-19 lockdown, when we had nothing to do, but talk. Talk about things we missed doing. How much we missed going out with friends and chilling at a café, or trying to get our hands on the first day shows of our favorite movies. But during our conversation we realized what we missed the most was our season tournaments. There was no cricket, football, and tennis in our lives any more. And with that was gone our fantasy leagues and the adrenaline of applying all our skills and knowledge to make our own teams. There was nothing that could match the excitement of keeping an eye out for our scores at the end of the week. We couldn’t wait to feel that rush of emotions that came with the flip of that coin. And this was when ToS was born.

What do we do?
Fantasy leagues are not a new concept in today’s world. We have many people around us who actively play fantasy sports, and mostly it’s either cricket or football. However, we usually find people not convinced with the returns they receive after they put in all their knowledge, experience and attention in the game. And that is where ToS comes in. We are committed to bring in the best experience for all our users, both from the play and return perspectives.Everything we do is based on the four pillars of our company - Transparency, Fairness, Innovation, and Fun. These four values translate into all aspects of our work, starting from product to engaging with our audience.
They say, there is nothing like turning your hobby into a job. And that is what we are driven by. At ToS, our endeavor is to make all the sport enthusiasts put their skills they have acquired over the years to a game, that is no different that playing a real one, and getting some returns on that is just a cherry on the cake!

Why TOS?

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