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If your answer to any of the below questions is YES, you are at the right place

  1. Are you someone who has been nervous playing fantasy sports online?
  2. Are you someone who has been a victim of fraud playing fantasy sports online?
  3. Are you someone who has lost money playing fantasy sports online?
  4. Are you someone who does not have enough money to play paid contests?
  5. Are you someone who has never played fantasy sports before?
  6. Are you someone who lives in small towns and is looking to make some side money?
  7. Are you someone who has lost lot of money playing fantasy sports and gaming?

Why play at TOS

TOS is a fantasy sports app and gaming platform driven towards consumer earnings and bring more excitement and thrill in online gaming. Cricket on and off should be played with skill, we just enhance that experience for our users. Our app simplifies. Our users are our thinktank which continues to drive our platform forward.

Since our MVP launch day of September 17th, 2020, we have come many miles ahead bringing in advanced features such as 2nd Innings, Auto Contests, Bonus Top Ups, Flexi Leagues, Affiliate Programs, and Auto Bonus Credits.

Our Story

It all started over a phone call. This was one of those virtual calls during COVID-19 lockdown, when we had nothing to do, but talk. Talk about things we missed doing. How much we missed going out with friends and chilling at a café or trying to get our hands on the first day shows of our favorite movies. But during our conversation we realized what we missed the most was our season tournaments. There was no cricket, football, and tennis in our lives anymore. And with that was gone our fantasy leagues and the adrenaline of applying all our skills and knowledge to make our own teams. There was nothing that could match the excitement of keeping an eye out for our scores at the end of the week. We couldn't wait to feel that rush of emotions that came with the flip of that coin. And this was when TOS was born.

Our Leadership

Bhavuk Goyal (Founder/CEO)
A graduate from University at Albany, New York Mr. Bhavuk Goyal was always a cricket fanatic. Playing at several levels in high school and college himself, cricket was always close to his heart. Spending several years in IT industry working for many Fortune 100 companies, Mr. Bhavuk wanted to always do something which is user driven. As a result, his brainchild TOS was born. Mr. Bhavuk is exciting young personnel in mid 30's currently based out of Atlanta; GA is currently working for a tech company simultaneously.


  • Puja Kumari (Director – User Verification)
  • Sudhir Kumar (Director - Branding)
  • Kajal Sharma (Business Analyst )
  • Brijendramani Verma (Marketing Manager)
  • Danish Hassan (Operations Head)
  • Anil Kumar (Support Head)

Why TOS?

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